About Us


Our values

  • First and foremost, we are committed to our customers. We support this by providing a high level of service, unmatched expertise and a range of equipment capable of meeting virtually any transportation challenge.
  • This philosophy has led us to many long term partnerships with national and international clients. Every load we carry for our customers gets on the road quickly (even at midnight at no extra cost), safely, and is delivered on time.
  • Because LTI realizes that customer service involves more than expensive technology and modern trucks, we work hard to ensure that the best people are available to do the best job. Each team member shares the same vision: to deliver the best service in the shortest time and at the most economical cost. We are constantly evaluating and improving our training methods to allow our staff to better understand customer requirements. Our program is designed to re-emphasize quality performance and accuracy in every phase of our business.
  • Challenges are an opportunity to highlight our strengths and competitive advantages: we set out to fully understand each customer along with their expectations and requirements. Then, with a better perspective if the customer’s needs, we develop a solution that will best maximize the company’s comprehensive resources and deliver cost-effective, high level results.
  • Creating a long term relationship: we believe that a long term partnership with our customers is essential to the quality process. The relationship formed and the exchanges of ideas help to keep us at the leading edge of quality service. Benefits we have realized through our partnership are: improved on time performance, reduced transit times, improvements in billing, tracing, communications and quality management.
  • Our major point of strength is  our skillful and self-motivated human resource fully dedicated to deliver efficiency and professionalism.